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About Us

Petra is a mentoring, modeling, coaching, and empowerment ministry which aims to aid parish/non parish ministry leaders to reach their fullest potential. P.E.T.R.A. stands for Providing Encouragement Training Resources and Assistance.  We encourage persons to pursue the purposes of God concerning their destiny, most specifically, as a people who are called to stand in the gap through intercession, advocacy and  by contending for the peace and prosperity of our communities. We serve as a reminder that we are never to be confined by our limitations and our circumstances. 


PETRA seeks to inspire and strengthen the confidence of those who are called to serve others, while encouraging personal and spiritual growth through prayer, mentoring, coaching, and instruction. We design opportunities for the freedom to be authentic about one’s fears, hopes and vision for ministry. Through various programs, seminars, conferences, and instructional opportunities, we invite you to share with us and other community leaders, as we engage in the transformative work of Christ.

Please be sure to follow along with us as we document this journey on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Pastor Stone preparing to preach at the Aldersgate Celebration in Trinidad

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